Dermatologists recommends combining Hydroquinone Derivative (Arbutin) and Retinol for an effective and strong brightening formulation.

Rediscover your natural glowing skin - known to be highly effective brightening ingredients, the combined formulation of Hydroquinone Derivative (Arbutin) and Retinol is recommended by dermatologists.

"The dullness and stubborn dark spots I have had for so many years are finally gone!"
"I feel so much younger now that my dark spots have faded!"
I thought there was no other way but to use laser treatment to remove them…

Have you heard of this revolutionary Brightening Care yet?

The most common skin concern that 40 and 50-year-olds have is…

Dark Spots

As we age, our skin tend to get duller and duller...
My skin is no exception.

In the past, I used brightening products that claimed to be effective against dark spots, but their results were all the same.

Do you know someone of the same age who has radiant glowing skin?

My friend who works in a skin clinic is one of them.

I'm sure she must have spent a lot of money on laser treatments,
so I asked my friend, Yuko-san...

"I guess the only way to get rid of dark spots is laser treatment right?
Do you have nice skin because you did laser?"
I haven't done any laser treatment!
But how do you have such beautiful skin?
What other methods are there?
To be safe, choose products that are prescribed in clinics, or products thare are recommended by dermatologists for their effectiveness against dark spots or dullness.

Thanks to my friend's recommendation, I discovered a clinical skincare brand which gave me renewed hope for the dark spots on my skin. I was so close to giving up!

And the result is….

This is my natural skin without any makeup!

Isn't it amazing???
My skin was actually quite dull and had many dark spots previously!

A very reputatable derma skincare brand - it revives dull skin with a trio of beauty serums!

Although there are various derma skincare brands available in the market, I decided to use b.glen as recommended by my friend.

The 3 types of b.glen's beauty serums, considered to be "The 3 Sacred Tubes", is becoming popular even among beauty bloggers.

More than 10,000 posts on Instagram
#b.glen has over

Not just in Japan, b.glen is also getting popular in Singapore.

This has got to be the ultimate brightening method that resolves dark spots once and for all.

Recently, more and more consumers are getting real results from using b.glen products.

1.7 million+ b.glen lovers in Japan!!
Satisfaction rate exceeds 95% !!

Furthermore, b.glen is not only in Japan, but also available in 33 countries around the world!

The most popular series in the b.glen line-up is [Brightening Care].

There are 3 secrets to its success.

There is a secret behind the effects of b.glen and its usage.

[QuSome White Essence]
High concentration of Hydroquinone Derivative

Hydroquinone Derivative (Arbutin) = Most well-known brightening ingredient

b.glen's QuSome White Essence contains a high concentration of Hydroquinone Derivative! *approved by HSA (Health Sciences Authority)

Plus, you can expect better results because it is formulated with skin-penetrating technology called "QuSome®". The technology delivers ingredients to the deep layers of the skin.

The texture feels rich and surprisingly spreads very thinly onto the skin. Skin absorbs it very fast as if being drank by the skin!

I spread evenly onto my most troubled spots everyday.

[QuSome Retino A]
Formulated w/ Vitamin A & E

As a bonus, retinol (vitamin A) and vitamin E work together with Hydroquinone for enhanced effects.

Retinol has the effect of accelerating skin turnover rate, dislodging old skin cells along with Melanin, which causes dark spots, even faster.

QuSome Retino A also uses "QuSome®" to bring retinol (vitamin A) and vitamin E to the source of troubled areas!

Retinol also supports the production of collagen in the skin and firms your skin👍

[C serum]
High-concenration Pure Vitamin C

Lastly, vitamin C has multiple benefits that are more than just dark spots. An essential ingredient to maintain nice skin.

However, vitamin C is useless without a stable formulation that doesn’t reach deep into the skin.

b.glen C serum delivers to the entire stratum corneum layer while preserving the delicate efficacy of the Vitamin C.

Perhaps it's due to the high pure vitamin C concentration, it gives a gentle warmth sensation right after putting it on. I love it!

C serum is the best-selling beauty serum in b.glen's product lineup and about 1.88 million tubes have been sold!

In summary, the 3 serums play specific roles.

Highly concentrated ingredients are delivered directly to the source by the patented skin penetrating technology [QuSome®].

This is why you can expect very good results.

No matter how good the ingredients are, it doesn't work if they don't penetrate.

This is b.glen's exceptional advantage.

This is how my skin looks like! I have consistently applied the 3 serums for 3 months.

What do you think? Doesn't my skin look more radiant now? I cannot believe how I used to worry about my dark spots.

Even though I am not a fan of medicinal skincare products, I am very satisfied with the results of using b.glen! (^ o ^)

The power of derma skincare is amazing…

Derma skicare brand, "b.glen", is transforming more and more people's lives.

Dr. Brian Keller, who researched and developed b.glen products, is a well-known figure in the American pharmaceutical industry.

Introducing some happy voices from the users who are satisfied with b.glen's skincare.

If you are troubled with dark spots or dullness, try Brightening Care from derma skincare brand "b.glen"!

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Now... QuSome Retino A has been added to make a 6-piece set while price remains the same!!

Here what’s in the box:

  • Clay Wash (Cleanser)
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  • QuSome Moisture Rich Cream (Moisturising Cream)

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In addition, you can consult our skincare advisors for free via WhatsApp or email. You can experience effective skincare even from the comfort of your own home!

If you're still wondering, I would recommend you to buy it now since b.glen offers a money-back guarantee.

b.glen is a popular derma skincare brand with proven skincare results, so it's better place your order soon before stocks run out!

Be inspired by me and many others, solve your skin concerns with derma skincare brand, b.glen and see how it transforms your life!

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