A New Brand Everyone is Starting to Talk About

[Attention! All Dark Spots Can Be Removed!!]
It was said to be impossible,
but the impossible has become possible.

A New Brand Everyone is Starting to Talk About..

Japanese cosme


Derma Skincare Brand that Removes Dark Spots Safely!!

*Read this article and find a surprise at the end!

[“I hate these dark spots on my face.”]
[“I wish these spots will just go away.”]

I became 40 years old this year and I shared you my concerns.

I felt like I needed to do something soon, so I spoke to my colleague. “Dark spots like that? You cannot fix.”

I lost all hope... 😭

But I could NOT accept what my colleague said and promised myself "Make yourself beautiful!!"

I tried so many different brands from A to Z for my dark spots but nothing worked. . .

Maybe my colleague was right, dark spots are impossible to fix.

I was on the verge of giving up..

On my last attempt, I tried a new brand that claimed“Derma Skincare Using the Latest Technology” on the internet, and I was honestly surprised when I saw my results.

The dark spots that bothered me for years started to fade away and my skin is much clearer than before.

My colleagues were shocked too and kept asking me, "What did you do to get better skin?!"

Cool part was it was super easy. lol

I just applied the derma skincare cream every day. lol

I tried so many high-end brands and none of them work, I didn’t know it was THIS effective by using derma skincare.

* If you are also suffering from dark spots and dullness, please keep reading!!

We live in a time where dark spots and dullness can be fixed!!

[Very Important!!]
To treat dark spots = Arbutin, the derivative of hydroquinone!!

There are various kinds of ingredients that are effective against dark spots.

Among them, one of the most effective ingredients for dark spots is Arbutin, the derivative of hydroquinone, a.k.a “Bleach for Dark Spots”!!

Arbutin is a plant-derived substance formed by combining hydroquinone and glucose. Since it is a more natural ingredient than hydroquinone, it does not irritate the skin and can be used during the day. Unlike Hydroquinone that damages the skin with UV rays, Arbutin is safer. It works directly on triclonide, this means it prevents the synthesis of melanin. No melanin, no age spots.

That’s why it is essential to use Arbutin containing cosmetics to treat dark spot and dullness!

However, even with high-end cosmetic brands that use Arbutin, my dark spots did not fade away.

Instead, sometimes my skin became worse than before ... 😭

I researched a little further and found
out why. . .

The flaws of these beauty ingredients are that it’s difficult to penetrate the skin and is very fragile.

That’s why no matter how good skincare products are, they don’t work if it does NOT penetrate...

But the derma skincare I tried was truly amazing!!

[I Could’t Believe It!!]
A derma skincare brand that solved my flaws!!

What I used was b.glen’s
Brightening Care! !

A Derma skincare brand developed by a former professor at the University of San Francisco!

The reason b.glen products can penetrate through the skin is because of their unique penetration technology!!

* An active ingredient that suppresses the production of melanin and future dark spots.

I knew these brightening ingredients wouldʼt penetrate into my skin...

but I was wrong with b.glen!!

The science behind it was the QuSome® Technology they crafted. This technology was originally designed to be used in the medical field!!

The tech then wraps the Arbutin in capsules 1/500th the size of hairs. The capsules stabilize the Arbutin and get delivered to the center of the dark spots in your skin.

The hydroquinone derivative Arbutin, gets penetrated directly into the root of the problem. Thatʼs why you can expect to get lighter skin faster than other brands.

How come no one told me about this amazing skincare lol! !

[5 Simple Steps]
How to get brighter skin in 7 days

After trying it out, hereʼs my honest review!

I bought it online and it arrived to my flat about 3 days later.

Step ➀ Clay Wash (Cleanser)

Clay Wash contains ultra-fine particles which are 1/2000 the size of our pores.

These particles reach deep into our skin to clean out dirt thoroughly. It can be used even on sensitive skin and keeps the skin moist and hydrated until the next morning.

*Cleans our dirt and prepping your face for what comes next

Step ➁ QuSome Lotion (Toner)

Contains two types of vitamin C derivatives

Using the unique penetration technology QuSome®, this lotion penetrates the vitamin C derivatives deep in the skin and brings out a glow to your face.

Step ➂ C serum (Serum)

Did you know, Vitamin C has brightening, antibacterial, and moisturizing effects.

Also by applying highly-concentrated vitamin C helps tighten the skin!

Step ➃ QuSome White Essence (Serum)

Arbutin targets dark spots and pigmentation by using QuSome® tech to penetrate the skin.

Since it reaches the problem areas directly, you can see your dark spots lighten in a pretty short amount of time.

Step ➄ QuSome Moisture Rich Cream (Moisturizing Cream)

A highly moisturizing cream that keeps your skin hydrated and smooth.

This cream is like a cap for your face, it keeps everything good inside your face!!

Attention! Additional Step 6 A great Bonus!!

And, only for the limited time while quantities last, the trial set comes with powerful Retinol serum called Retino A.

This is a great opportunity to try the synergy of the three beauty ingredients, Arbutin, pure Vitamin C, and Retinol.

In about a month, the spots have slowly become lighter!

Even with my sensitive skin, my skin feels fuller and moisturized!

I ʼm so happy that my skin became lighter!


Going to laser treatments can be expensive and your skin could get worse.

Or you could start with b.glenʼs 1 week Trial Set.

What's more, it comes with a face wash and moisturizer! !

b.glen is Very Popular in Japan Too!!

“Reviewed in different Japanese magazines!

[How to get this amazing deal!? ]
No better deal than from the official website

If you took the full-size products and divided into the trial sizes, the set would cost approximately $88.00. You can try it for $29.00, thatʼs 73% OFF!

The trial set isnʼt connected to any subscription services, itʼs a onetime deal.

Wait, there is one more news!

To experience the BEST RESULTS, we are adding the retinol serum which accelerating skin turnover rate, dislodging old skin cells along with Melanin, which causes dark spots, even faster.

After using the trial set and you see results, then keep using b.glen if you want to. Itʼs as simple as that.

Also it was written on the official page, if trial set doesʼt fit your skin, you can get a full refund. There are no solicitation calls. Thatʼs how confident they are in their product!!

Even people with dark spot problems, Iʼm sure you can get some changes in your skin with the trial set.

・ Trial Set $29.00 (5 items+ Retinol serum=6items)

・ 365 days money back guarantee

・ Free shipping

・ They also have customer support that allows you to consult to beauty advisors about your skin concerns

If youʼ re thinking "I'll buy it later", I recommend buying it now. They could run out of stock soon.

Itʼs a waste not to clear your dark spots when you can! Supply is limited, only 500 per month, donʼt miss out!!

Official site


EXCLUSIVE FREE Retinol serum trial size tube with a purchase of Brightening care trial set.

* Don't miss out! Only while supplies last!

[If the link doesn't work, the promo has ended]

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