All You Need To Know About Sagging Pores

Ladies, we’re very aware that sagging pores is a soft spot. But we’re here to let you know that most people will experience sagging pores throughout their life, and not all hope is lost! There are a bunch of at-home treatments that you can use in order to reduce the signs of (and prevent) those pesky pores.

So, smile and read on. We’ll reveal why we get those irritating sagging pores, our top three prevention methods, before finishing off with our top-rated products for sagging pores!

What’s to blame for sagging pores?

You may already have a good idea what is the main culprit for sagging pores. Unfortunately, if you’re thinking the sun (i.e., UV) damage, one hundred points to you.

We all love the sun. We’re the first to admit we love sipping a margarita while absorbing those rays, but boy oh boy, our pores consequently suffer.

In essence, UV damage removes collagen (the protein which makes up most of us), elastin (another protein that makes your skin stretch), and water from your skin. Does this sound bad? Well, it is. By removing all these components from your skin, the tissue beneath the skin shrinks, alas pulling the edges of your pores and resulting in them looking bigger (Dermatology Center for Skin Health, PLLC, 2021).

What’s our second ‘what’s to blame’ for sagging pores? Clogged pores.

Using products made from oil or simply not cleansing your face twice a day are 2 major reasons for clogged pores. How are they ‘clogged’? Because oil, dead skin cells, and free radicals (that’s the air/environment) accumulate inside your pores, and if they aren’t washed away, they remain inside and build, causing pores to enlarge and alas be seen.

The inevitable & final culprit of sagging pores.

AGE. We’re sorry to announce. It’s nobody’s fault. It’s just life. With age, your skin (naturally) begins to lose elasticity (i.e., elastin, the protein we mentioned earlier). This causes your skin to sag, and pores become more noticeable.

Preventing Saggy Pores

This blog isn’t all doom & gloom. We’re about solutions, not problems. Prevention trumps all. So, how can we prevent saggy pores?

With three, very easy, extremely simple ways to prevent (& reduce) large pores!

SPF – Lather sun cream on every single day. And multiple times a day if you’re exposed to the sun for long periods of time. No slacking, SPF 50, and nothing lower. Don’t forget the ears and neck (and if exposed, the chest); these three parts are often the ones that show signs of sun damage the quickest! Use SPF products such as Nudy Veil.

Exfoliate – Wash away dead skin cells and impurities. They don’t belong in your pores. Be sure to wash your face first with cleansers such as Clay Wash.

Moisturise – Reduce the chance of dry skin (dead skin cells) which clog your pores! Use moisturisers such as QuSome Moisture Rich Cream or QuSome Moisture Gel Cream.

Try These & Witness The Difference

Bearing in mind our prevention methods, here are three of our products that we know your skin will love and your pores even more so.

Qusome Moisture Rich Cream

Qusome Moisture Rich Cream b.glen


An intense anti-aging moisturiser that sinks deep into the layers of the skin to help revitalize even the worse sagging skin.

C Serum

C Serum b.glen

Made from pure vitamin C which is one of the inhibitors of collagen production in the skin. More collagen, more bounce in your skin, and less sag!



Find out more about Vitamin C in our blog: The Effects of Vitamin C On Your Skin

QuSome Lift

QuSome Lift b.glen


A facial massaging cream to achieve naturally firmer-looking skin and diminish the appearance facial lines.



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