Can acne scars go away?

Can acne scars be removed?


The scars caused by acne are too difficult to remove and more so if they are extensive and dark. To undergo acne treatment: it is important to know the type of scar, skin, and how extensive the mark is, if you follow the indicated treatment you can improve the appearance of your skin.


It is advantageous to understand and know what the types of acne are, only then can you decide what to do with scars or lesions caused by pimples or acne. A plugged follicle is the perfect site for bacteria to grow and the appearance of red, pus-filled bumps called pimples or blackheads.


Acne usually comes in different forms:


Mild acne, they are black or whiteheads that most people have, it is not so harmless and it does not leave a mark.


Moderate acne, are red and inflamed pimples, which are called papules.


Severe acne is the appearance of nodules (painful lumps, cysts filled with pus) on the skin.


The scars caused by acne are those caused by inflamed nodules, since when they dry they leave permanent scars that are difficult to remove.

If you have recurrent acne, the ideal is to seek medical treatment to prevent acne from reaching extreme cases. If you have hardened nodules, don't hesitate to visit your dermatologist.


Treatment for acne scars


In most cases, this type of mark is brownish or reddish, depending on the type of acne presented. When acne is mild, your scar may disappear without treatment. For those extreme cases, dermatologists are currently turning to the use of QuSome Retino A, a beauty serum, ideal not only to fight acne but as a treatment for aging, enlarged pores and it will simply make you look younger.


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Dermabrasion. In this type of treatment, a diamond instrument is used to corrode the surface of the skin, it is perfect for those serious scars, you will see that as the skin heals, it flakes and is replaced by a new layer of smoother skin. If you use this type of treatment in general, it will take 10 days to 3 weeks to enjoy healthy and luminous skin.


Fractional laser therapy. This treatment works to a deeper degree than dermabrasion. It is important to know that it does not damage the skin layer, and its healing time is short, perfect for those people with severe acne scars.


Steroid injection. This is one of the most used treatments when the scar is raised, its process is slow.


Laser peel. This treatment is ideal for acne scars already treated with dermabrasion. This technique has a higher risk of side effects if you are dark-skinned or have a history of keloids.


Other energetic procedures. It is a type of pulsed light treatment and radiofrequency devices help make these scars less visible, without damaging the outer layer of the skin. Its effects are subtle.

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