How Eye Serums Can Change The Way Your Eyes Look

Eye serum benefits

No one wants to look like they are stressed out or older than their actual age. That’s why under-eye skin challenges can cause a lot of frustrations. In case you’re not aware yet, the skin surrounding your eyes is extremely thin. Because of its sensitivity and constant exposure to environmental stressors, you may become more prone to pesky under-eye issues. The good thing is, you can always address them with the help of eye serums.


What’s with eye serums, and what can they fix?


Eye serums are specially formulated to target specific problems under the eyes. Although there are many similarities between eye serums and eye creams, serums are usually lighter when compared to eye creams.

Eye serum


Below are the common concerns that eye serums usually target.


  • Fine Lines Around the Eyes - as your skin ages, the skin under your eyes is no exception. You will start to notice it the moment your skin loses its elasticity and firmness.
  • Dark Circles Under the Eyes - this concern is usually associated with a lack of sleep or poor sleeping habits and restlessness. However, certain factors such as aging, genes, and hyperpigmentation are often overlooked.
  • Crow’s Feet - also known as orbicularis oculi contractions in medical terms or clusters of lines that spread out from the eyes’ outer corners. It forms after years of frequent smiling, frowning, or squinting.
  • Wrinkles - these occur due to collagen breakdown, which commonly happens to older people. This can be further aggravated by smoking, prolonged sun exposure, and other environmental exposures. To reverse signs of aging around the eyes, it would be more effective to use an anti-wrinkle serum, like QuSome Retino A instead of regular eye serums.


Which eye serum is the best to use?


With the right eye serum, you can restore your under-eye skin’s most youthful state. Our QuSome Eye Serum can dramatically target the most common under-eye concerns such as fine lines, dark circles, and more. It can help you awaken and keep your eyes looking fresh and youthful with its new-age heating eye formula powered by QuSome® technology.

It is also the first eye serum in the industry to incorporate Materra Powder, the only known substance that can emit infrared to target new-age eye area problems. Massaging this high-mineral content helps improve circulation around the eye.

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