How Can I Achieve Supple Skin in Singapore?

Soft, smooth, silky, supple. These are all words you want to use to describe your skin. 

Dull, dry, dehydrated skin has never been in, and certainly never something to boast about. The thing is, radiant skin isn’t something you just wish for. It takes the right combination and a holistic approach to achieve enviable skin. 

Some people may be at an advantage just based on genetics, but even your body’s natural oils can only get you so far. The best approach to getting the amazing skin you deeply desire is to develop a skincare routine that works! 

What is Supple Skin?

Supple skin is the way we used to describe radiant, healthy skin that is soft to the touch. Aside from keeping a balanced diet, drinking lots of water and changing your pillowcases regularly, there are a few ingredients that are great at helping you to achieve the skin you want. Our Supple Skin Set has 3 awesome products that are filled with these ingredients. 

Clay Wash

Clay Wash - Supple Skin - b.glen Singapore

When considering a cleanser, you want a wash that is not too harsh on the skin, but is still able to get the job done. That’s what we’ve achieved with our Clay Wash cleanser. The main ingredient is Montmorillonite clay.

Imagine moving a large magnet over tiny pieces of metal. Montmorillonite clay acts in the same way, by meshing into dirt, dead skin cells and impurities deep in your pores. As you wash the clay off, it lifts the dirt and impurities without overworking your skin. 

QuSome Lotion

QuSome Lotion - Supple Skin - b.glen Singapore

A good toner penetrates deep in the skin, leaving skin feeling hydrated without being greasy or oily. Our QuSome Lotion has been clinically proven to moisturize up to 17 hours a day! 

This is possible thanks to the Salicornia Herbacea extract, one of the main ingredients used in this product. It is composed of rich minerals and moisturizing ingredients to help build a healthy barrier function. 

Here’s another fact, the advanced technology in our QuSome Lotion, is called “Charged QuSome®”. It latches onto the next beauty ingredient you apply and penetrates it deep into your skin. 

QuSome Moisture Gel Cream

QuSome Moisture Gel Cream - Supple Skin - b.glen

The final piece to this power set is the QuSome Moisture Gel Cream. Have you ever experienced a moisture cream that feels as if it vanishes after a few short hours of application? This isn’t an issue you will have with the QuSome Moisture Gel Cream. 

This gel works to target and maintain moisture within your skin. The 'QuSome® Hydration Complex' technology penetrates deeply into the skin's layers, actively supporting the removal of the spiral of dryness.

Supple Skin Set - b.glen

So, in essence, if you have been searching for the final piece to unlocking soft, supple skin, the Supple Skin Set just might be right for you!

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