Natural and Cosmetic Ways To Lighten Dark Marks

Your skin is the largest organ on your body, and so it’s not surprising that most doctor’s visits are about issues on the skin. While acne is the most common skin condition that gets treated, dark marks come in a close second place. Dark marks can appear on our skin suddenly, but their presence always has a reason. Science says that several main factors can trigger this skin condition, including sun exposure, inflammation, hormonal changes, taking medications, health problems (e.g., liver disease), and aging.

Luckily, there are plenty of home and cosmetic remedies to treat and clear dark marks on the skin.

Natural Remedies

  1. One natural remedy that helps to whiten dark spots and blemishes on the skin is potato. You can apply potato juice or thin slices of fresh potato onto affected areas of your skin and let it sit for a few minutes, then rinse with water. 
  2. The anti-aging and skin nourishing properties of Aloe Vera make it an amazing remedy for the skin. Cut an Aloe Vera leaf in half and rub it on your skin. Let your skin dry and rinse with water. Repeat this treatment daily until you get rid of the dark patches.
  3. Orange peel contains Vitamin C in large amounts, which makes it a perfect remedy for all sorts of skin conditions. Make a DIY facial mask by mixing 1 tbsp of orange peel powder with 3 tbsp of milk. Apply the mask, let it nourish your skin for 10-15 minutes, and then rinse with water.
  4. Coconut oil is another natural remedy that can work wonders for skin that is affected by dark patches thanks to its nourishing, anti-bacterial, and moisturizing properties. Apply coconut oil onto affected areas and let your skin absorb it. Make sure you use cold-pressed oil as it contains more vitamins.

        Cosmetic Remedies

        While natural remedies can work, it’s always better to seek professional advice from a dermatologist. 

        1. Hydroquinone is a prescription topical cream that slows down the pigment-making processes in the skin. But be careful because at high concentrations, it can be toxic to the skin. Our QuSome White Essence uses the derivative of Hydroquinone, making it gentler and safer for the skin.
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        2. Chemical peels are done to remove damaged skin cells and reveal younger-looking skin underneath.
        3. Microdermabrasion is a next-level exfoliating treatment that aims to buff away imperfections and leave your skin looking smooth and evenly toned. It’s often used to target dark spots, including ones caused by acne. This treatment is considered lower risk and minimally invasive.

            Before you rush off to the doctor to treat your dark marks, b.glen’s range of pro-brightening serums are perfect to help banish those blemishes and dark spots for good. For best results, use the ultimate combination of C serum + QuSome Retino A + QuSome White Essence.

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