C serum

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C serum has sold over 1.3 million tubes since 2010 and continues to stay strong in the b.glen line up around the world. C serum is a high concentrated pure Vitamin C serum that comes with many benefits. Pure Vitamin C promotes collagen production, prevents wrinkles and sagging, suppresses sebum to prevent acne, anti-aging effects and many more benefits. Vitamin C is known to be a very unstable ingredient. If you’ve tried other Vitamin C products before and it didn’t work, it could be due to poor penetration, unstable ingredients or didn’t absorb well. Other brands didn’t have b.glen’s QuSome® tech to solve these issues.  QuSome® stabilizes the pure Vitamin C and allowing penetration deep in the skin. The moment you apply this soothing product to your skin, you’ll feel a warm sensation upon contact. C serum will be your new holy grail.

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C serum (15mL/0.51fl.oz.) x1

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