Explore b.glen's b.Points Rewards Program.

Easily earn b.glen Points with each purchase.

Get Rewarded with b.Points!

  • 3% Rebate of Your Purchase

    For every purchase, earn 3% rebate values in b.Points that are redeemable for future orders. See details in the b.Points widget.

    3% Rebate
  • Simple Conversion: 1 b.Point = 1 ¢

    Equal exchange rate for 3% of purchase price.

    1¢ Simple Rate
  • Credit Cards and PayPal Payments earn the same

    Earn b.Points regardless of payment methods.

    Credit Cards and Check Payments earn the same

You Decide When and How Much!

  • Banked b.Points can be applied as discounts on future purchases with a coupon.

b.Points FAQ

  1. How do I use b.Points?

    View the list of available coupons by clicking the b.Points widget floating on the bottom our website. Select the desired coupon, and a coupon code will be issued. A discount with the shown amount will be applied when the coupon code is entered upon checkout.
    *Please note, only one coupon can be used per purchase and a maximum of 2,000 b.Points can be used per purchase.

  2. I'm planning to make a purchase on b.glen for the first time. How many b.Points am I able to earn?

    You'll receive a 3% before GST purchased price at the time of purchase as b.Points.
    Conversion rate is 1 point = 1 ¢ according to 3% of the purchase price. Points can't be redeemed on first time purchase but only on purchases thereafter.

  3. Can I use the earned b.Points immediately?

    Unfortunately, b.Points can only be redeemed for coupons that can be used starting from your next puchase. First available redeemable coupon starts at 500 b.Points.

  4. What happens to the b.Points for a product I returned?

    The b.Points initially earned for the returned product will be subtracted from your b.Point balance.

  5. Can I transfer my b.Points?

    No, it's not possible to transfer b.Points.

  6. Can I use b.Point coupons with other coupons at the same time?

    No. You cannot use multiple coupons at the same time.

  7. Can I convert the b.Points I've saved up into cash?

    No, b.Points can not be converted into cash. Please use it as discounts on purchases made with the rate of (3% purchase price) 1 point = 1 ¢.

  8. Where can I find my b.Points total?

    Your b.Point balance and available coupons can be viewed and used anywhere by clicking the b.Points widget at the bottom of our website.

  9. Do b.Points have an expiration date?

    The expiration date is 570 days (approximately one and a half years) from the effective date. If you shop before the deadline, the expiration date for all Points earned will be extended for 570 days from that of purchase.

  10. I forgot the coupon code that I received. What should I do?

    To retrieve your coupon code, log in to your MyPage and you'll be able to check the coupons you've received. Alternatively, please send a request by contacting customer support via email at info@bglen.sg.