b.glen's Subscribe & Save service offers products at deeply discounted prices, conveniently auto-delivered at your preferred schedule.

4 Benefits

  • Save up to 20%

    Save up to 20%

    Automatic discounts applied to each order.

  • Adjust any time

    Adjust Anytime

    Check delivery dates and subscribed products at MyPage.

  • Free delivery

    Free Delivery

    Subscribe and get free shipping within Singapore.

  • Change Delivery Cycle

    Customizable Delivery Cycle

    Contact info@bglen.sg to change your delivery cycle!

Subscriptions FAQ

Enrollment ・ Scheduling ・ Subscribe & Save

Subscribe & Save

  1. How does the service work?

    Registered b.glen members are able to set-up regular auto-delivery of their favorite products at a discounted price. The subscription service offers free shipping within Singapore, and a 365-day Money-Back Guarantee (see Terms and Conditions).

  2. What if I don't see a set I want?

    b.glen can tailor to your needs and customize a subscription set for you. Please email info@bglen.sg for enquiries

  3. Is there a minimum?

    There is a minimum of three or more products for Subscribe & Save service.

  4. Where can I check the next delivery date?

    You can review and confirm the next delivery date by logging into your MyPage and then clicking on the Manage Subscriptions button.

  5. Do you charge for shipping?

    Shipping is free within Singapore.

  6. How come delivery cycles are set at every 2 months only?

    Each carefully crafted set lasts for approximately 2 months. b.glen would like to provide you products right when you need them. For any special delivery cycles, please contact b.glen Customer Support.

Auto-Delivery Date Changes

  1. Can I change the date of my next auto-delivery?

    You may change your next auto-delivery date by contacting b.glen Customer Support.

  2. How do I cancel an auto-delivery?

    You can cancel your subscription by contacting b.glen Customer Support stating the reason.

  3. Can I skip or pause the next auto-delivery?

    Yes! Please contact b.glen Customer Support for enquiries.

  4. Can I change the product in an auto-delivery on the day it shipped?

    Changes to auto-delivery products can not be changed on the scheduled shipping date. Please note that changes must be made 5 days prior to the scheduled shipping date.

Change and Manage Auto-Delivery Products

  1. Which products are eligible for auto-delivery?

    b.glen products are carefully arranged into "sets" to effectively fight skin concerns. Only these "sets" can be used for auto-delivery service.

  2. How do I select a payment type?

    On your Manage Subscription page, you will able to select a credit card(VISA, Mastercard) as your preferred payment type for auto-delivery.

Other Questions

  1. How can I change the delivery address?

    Log into your MyPage and then click on the Manage Subscription button to add or modify your auto-delivery address.

  2. Is it possible to order products as one-time delivery in addition to Subscribe & Save service?

    Yes, it's possible

  3. How do I get help with placing an Subscribe & Save order?

    If you have any questions or concerns about how to use our Subscribe & Save service, please contact our customer support at info@bglen.sg.

  4. I'd like to separate deliveries to multiple addresses.

    Unfortunately, only one delivery address can be assigned for auto-delivery with our Subscribe & Save service.

  5. I don't like a certain product in my set. Can I exchange it?

    Yes! Please contact b.glen Customer Support for further inquiries. Please note that exchanges/refunds can only be processed once per customer for each product.