Goodbye to Dark Spots: Secrets to Looking Younger
Award Winning Skincare in Singapore: b.glen

Two years ago, I unexpectedly found the answer to my skin problems when I started working at a skincare company that I was not familiar with. This company was b.glen – A skincare brand with a cult following in Japan, which had interestingly managed to fly under the radar in Singapore. This may be attributed to the fact that b.glen relied solely on online sales in Japan, and so tourists were unlikely to spot the brand when traveling around Japan. Despite its seemingly low profile, b.glen has sold millions of products, even offering subscription services for its base of loyal repeat customers – a testament to the brand’s quality.

Hi, I am Joy, a working mother of two now in my late forties. I can show you how to stay looking young in your forties, fifties and even in your sixties!

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Joy - b.glen employee

I remember back in my school days when I was the kid in class who had acne and glanced in envy at my peers who had flawless skin, while mine could only be described as… jialat. Fast forward to when I became an adult – The acne thankfully subsided a fair amount… only to be replaced by a new challenge. The new enemy was now dull skin, pores, and one thing which screamed age – dark spots. Talk about getting a double dose of jialat!

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I developed dark spots about a decade ago and sought products that claimed to have brightening effects or targeted dark spots. I even considered laser treatments, which were far too expensive. My search was sadly futile... Either the products did not work for my skin despite extended use, or they irritated my skin and resulted in OTHER problems to deal with! I eventually gave up, relying on concealer and sunscreen instead, in hopes of slowing down the process of developing even more dark. I almost gave up, until one day I found a way to erase my dark spots and improve my skin overall.

Putting aside my natural obligation as an employee, particularly on my dull and dark spot-ridden face, which I have given up on after all this time…

Made in Japan, b.glen is a strategic hybrid of Japanese quality and US technology. The brand’s exclusive technology, QuSome, was developed by American pharmaceutical scientist Dr. Brian Keller, who initially developed QuSome to help externally applied medication penetrate more effectively into the skin.

Before b.glen, it has rarely occurred to me just how crucial it is for skincare to go beyond the skin’s surface. QuSome, I now learned, is the key to effective skincare.


QuSome explained without the science

QuSome Tech gently allows beauty ingredients to penetrate the skin

Penetrates gently by encapsulating beauty ingredients and travels through the skin and reaches deep in the skin.

Ingredients are than released at the root of the problem for best results


For the past two years, I used b.glen religiously every morning and night. How did it go? Well, perhaps these before-after shots can do the talking—

Honestly, I had not expected such a significant difference!! My skin was overall brighter, my pores smaller, and even my stubborn dark spots have seemingly vanished. Even my friends have noticed this difference and started demanding to know my skincare secrets… which eventually prompted me to write this!

My journey with b.glen has made me realise one crucial thing: You could be in your thirties, forties, or fifties, or even sixties… But you never have to fall victim to the sands of time.


Now, here comes the exciting part! What magic did I work on my skin? When starting my b.glen skincare journey, there were several things that I did.


  1. Stop new dark spots from forming and preventing current ones from becoming darker.

Prevention is 1000% times easier. I first stopped my skin from getting worse than it already is! I applied an ingredient called Arbutin on my entire face. This key ingredient stops melanin from reaching the surface of my skin. I prevented new dark spots and current dark spots from getting worse. Giving my skin a starting point and not going backwards.


I kept my dark spots under control and worked on phase 2.

  1. Lighten my current dark spots and brighten my skin by making new skin.

To lighten dark spots, I brought new skin to the top. We all naturally do this since we are kids, it’s called skin cell turnover. Our body makes new skin cells to replace existing ones. Skin turnover brings skin cells from the deepest layer and brings them up to the top surface. However, skin turnover becomes slower as we age. It’s said that 40 – 50 year olds takes 3 times longer than a 20-year-old for a complete skin turnover. Hence, we didn’t have many dark spots when were younger. I sped up my skin turnover by using vitamin C and vitamin A serums from b.glen. At first, I did not notice too much. It was when my son mentioned my face looks whiter in the kitchen, that’s when I knew it was working. I haven't felt that kind of happiness in a long time.


  1. I ensured that I was using all my products correctly.

Regardless of our age, there is a kiasu auntie within all of us who will want to know that we are getting the most out of our skincare! b.glen provides helpful instructions for users to be sure that they are using the most suitable amount of each product and in the best way. My friendly colleagues also guided me through the steps. In addition, I also tried getting ample sleep and keeping myself hydrated.


For those who are new to b.glen as I once was, I recommend first trying out a trial set.

At S$39 for a complete skincare routine of five trial products, you will get to know if the products are suited for your skin before committing to the full-sized range.

(For those with sensitive skin, you will be happy to know that b.glen’s products are fragrance-free, sulfate-free, and paraben-free!)



The trial set contains five products which are used in the following order:

  1. Clay Wash: A face wash that uses natural clay to gently but thoroughly cleanse pores, without removing the skin’s natural moisture and oils.




2. QuSome Lotion: A toner that contains charged QuSome particles that latch onto beauty ingredients, effectively reaching the skin depths. Clinically proven to hydrate skin for 17 hours!





3. C serum: A colourless and odourless vitamin C serum that helps increase the skin’s turnover to brighten the skin and give it bounce!





4. QuSome White Essence: An essence that pairs QuSome and Arbutin (a gentler but effective derivative of the holy grail substance of brightening products, Hydroquinone) to target and stop dark spots in its tracks!




5. QuSome Moisture Rich Cream: A rich anti-aging cream moisturizer that absorbs quickly and hydrates the skin without leaving an oily layer and giving you a healthy glow.



The trial set typically lasts about a week or two. My skin felt more hydrated and brighter, while my pores also appeared smaller after using the set. Pleased with the results I was seeing, I upgraded to the full-sized range.



After completing the trial set, I did not see any obvious improvement in my dark spots. This was expected as dark spots need time to disappear. A beauty insider once shared that instant results in dark spots meant that a product may contain overly harsh ingredients. Therefore, I needed more than one trial set to see a difference.

Another few months of consistently using b.glen twice a day went by. After four months, my dark spots had become considerably lighter. Fast forward to two years later, and my dark spots have virtually vanished! What I had been worrying about for the past decade, gone without a trace!

Discovering b.glen is something I now consider a blessing in disguise. If you wish to get started on your own skincare journey, give it a go and, trust me, it will be WORTH IT. If you have questions and wish to learn more, they even have friendly skincare consultants at your service to chat with and help get you started.



These days, my concealers have been tossed out, and I barely use any makeup. (Except for sunscreen, of course! Sunscreen will always be an absolute must-have.) I have come a long way from someone who constantly struggled with skin issues to becoming someone proud of her skin.

Not just me! Let me share the many people that are happy with their skin here in S’pore!


Ladies, are you ready to take the first step of your journey to bright, beautiful skin?

All the best!

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