Beauty Ingredients & Oil Infused
with Roses

DaMask Rose Oil & Serum
<Oil Serum>

20mL / 0.68 fl. oz.

The two-layer essence of the beauty ingredient of the finest rose "Damask rose" and high-concentration beauty essence,
Firmly prevents rough skin due to dryness,
It leads to beautiful and healthy skin with well-textured skin.
What is "Damask rose"?

What's Inside?

1 layer of "oil" and 1 layer of "beauty ingredients"
"Damask Rose Oil & Serum"
Here's what makes it special

Smart Protection creates a double structure on the skin.
The first layer is a reflective layer which [REPELS] outside stressors.
Then then skin* is [TREATED] to repair present damages with antioxidants.
2 functions in 1 bottle, the most efficient way to protect yourself.
*Stratum corneum layer of the skin
  • Apply an appropriate amount onto your palm and apply to your face and neck at the end of your skin care. Apply an appropriate amount on your body directly on your skin and gently apply by creating circles with your palms.
  • If the amount applied is too small, effective results cannot be expected, please apply an appropriate amount (1 push) to clean skin.
  • When applying, please be careful not to touch your clothes with the cream and wear your clothes after drying. Please reapply after sweating or wiping off your skin with a towel.
  • When washing off Smart Protection, insure to rinse thoroughly with face wash and any parts of your body.
  • Please remove any residue off the container.
  • Occasionally oil may pump out with the cream, this is normal and not a quality issue. Please continue to use normally.