Eye Area Care Program

[ Eye Area Care Program ]

Look like you've turned back the clock with the benefits of targeted eye care

The eye area is the most delicate and the most vulnerable to the signs of aging. Our Total Repair Eye Serum provides superior benefits within a daily and comprehensive anti-aging care regimen. Follow this daily skincare regimen, in the AM and PM, for healthier-looking skin.

  1. Cleanse

    Clay Wash


    Clay Wash

    Clay based, non-foaming wash that gently, yet thoroughly cleanses as it washes away dirt and other impurities, while leaving skin in this area hydrating and healthier-looking.

    Eye Area Care Program Step 1

  2. Condition

    QuSome Lotion


    QuSome Lotion

    Gently add moisturizing toner to face and outer eye area, preparing skin for additional treatment products.

    Eye Area Care Program Step 2

  3. Target

    C serum


    C serum

    Target with rejuvenating essence, formulated with Vitamin C. Promote the skin’s turnover, restoring balance between new and mature skin cells.

    Eye Area Care Program Step 3

  4. Focus

    QuSome Eye Serum


    QuSome Eye Serum

    This concentrated serum helps diminish the appearance of damage by hydrating, addressing firmness and restoring a youthful appearance to your eyes.

    Eye Area Care Program Step 4

  5. Protect

    QuSome Moisture Rich Cream


    QuSome Moisture Rich Cream

    Luxurious cream, formulated with our unique Age Recover Complex® to provide skin support and protection by returning moisture and suppleness.

    Eye Area Care Program Step 5

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