Dark Spots

  1. Is the Brightening Trial Set also effective on liver spots?

    Several major factors contribute to causing liver spots (i.e. age spots) such as hormone balance but continued exposure to UV rays can also cause them to thicken. Although our care program might take longer than options readily available, we believe it's best for your skin to gradually improve through use of our Brightening Trial Set.

  2. Is the Brightening Trial Set also effective on freckles?

    If the freckles are genetic and you feel that's difficult to cover up with cosmetics, we recommend our Brightening Care Program to prevent thicken and spreading.

  3. Can I use Brightening Trial Set products on my body and lips?

    The products in our Brightening Trial Set can be use on the hands and body but please avoid using on your lips as it is a mucous membrane which can cause irritation and damage.

  4. About how long will it take to clear up dark spots?

    Experiences vary depending on the individual. However, for the best results, it's important to diligently take care. A healthy skin turnover cycle for a person in their 20's is said to take 28 days, but there are also individual and environmental differences. Although it depends on the period of time it takes for your skin to turnover of the skin, we recommend, at least, continuing on our program for 4-6 months.

  5. I've been suffering from dark spots for many years although I've been using sunscreen throughout the years. Why do they increase?

    Although dark spots are greatly affected by ultraviolet rays, various other overlapping factors can contribute to their causes such as slowing of turnover due to aging, increase of active oxygen and excessive melanin production of melanocytes. The use of sunscreen is one of the most effective countermeasures for preventing dark spots but in addition, we recommend usage of skincare that maintains the skin's normal condition.

  6. Is there a sign that its starting to clear up that I can notice?

    In general, you'll notice that the skin tone gets brighter, glows and natural shine comes out. Even if you don't experience these types of changes, please be assured that continued use of our Brightening Trial Set will encourage the skin process to fight against UV damage because it strives to create an environment within the skin that makes it difficult for the creation of new troubles, leading to a smarter and brighter skin.

  7. How long will it take for it to work on dark spots?

    For some, they are experiencing improvement in the skin early during use of our Trial Set, such as brighter skin. With full use of b.glen products, there are many cases where change is felt gradually within a 1 month of use when the skin's turnover was complete, but there are individual differences in the period required for change.

  8. There are several kinds of dark spots that appear on the skin, but are there a certain type of spots that can not be cleared by using Brightening Trial Set?

    Among the things called spots, those with a pathological element are particularly dense, such as Nevus of Ota.

  9. Is it safe to use the Brightening Trial Set on my eye area?

    You can also use it on delicate areas such as around the eyes, but please use in small amounts in area with sensitive skin and fine skin. Please be careful not to apply directly into the eye when using.

  10. What is the ingredient Q(ARB) / QuSome® Arbutin?

    Q(ARB) contained in QuSome White Essence is a unique ingredient of Arbutin that has been ultra micro-encapsulation with our exclusive penetration technology QuSome®. Arbutin is Hydroquinone derivative recognized as a quasi-drug in Japan and is one of most useful ingredients used in whitening skincare products.

  11. I think that spots have become noticeable after having used the Brightening Trial Set.

    When you start using b.glen Brightening Trial Set, the tone of the whole face becomes brighter and therefore spots may begin to appear more noticeable temporarily. However after continued use of our Brightening Trial Set gradually these concerning areas should fade. Therefore please continue use the set and observe the changing circumstances.

  12. What can I do to remove the stickiness felt on skin after using the product?

    Please try waiting for at least 2 to 3 minutes before applying the next product. The interim allows for the each product to penetrate into the skin thereby losing the stickiness. If it still becomes a concern, please lightly wipe area with tissue.

Sagging Skin

  1. Is massage effective for sagging skin?

    Massage aids the removal of waste within the skin which also helps to reduce the swelling of the skin. The result causes the skin to lift-up. We recommend massaging with QuSome Lift during your routine.

Enlarged and Sagging Pores

  1. Why do pores become more visible as I get older?

    Pores in the skin become more conspicuous as we age because the amount of collagen in the body decreases as does the moisture content of the skin, which causes the cheek to slacken. As a result, the force supporting the pores weaken and become more visible.

  2. Recently I've noticed pores on my nose. Are these sagging pores?

    When collagen decreases within the body, it causes the moisture content of the skin to also decrease. The result of which causes the cheeks to sag as force that supports them weakens and then the pores begin to sag vertically.

Noticeable Pores

  1. Will my pores become smaller?

    There are individual differences in the original size of the pores, but pores opened due to aging or ones' environment can be tightened with everyday skin care and made less visible.

  2. What is the difference between sagging pores and open pores?

    Sagging pores occur in skin originally with rough open pores that are also begin to sag due to weakening from age and UV rays. Open pores occur from such things as sagging pores that form a tear drop shape due to excess sebum secretion.

  3. What is the best way to take care of the open pores on my nose?

    It's essential to cleanse skin without removing too much sebum but at the same time maintain moisture that does not cause excess secretion of sebum. For an natural absorbing and gently cleanse we recommend our Clay Wash coupled with our Lotion to overlay moisture by strengthen it the moisture from the inside.


  1. What's the most effective way to clear blackheads from pores on my nose?

    First, soften and loosen up pores by placing a hot towel on the area for a few seconds. Immediately after, wash face with our naturally absorbing and thoroughly cleansing Clay Wash.

  2. What's the most effective way to take care of clogged pores? Washing only doesn't help solely.

    With our Clay Wash, you'll clearly clean away the dirt clogged into pores in the skin with essential moisture.

Oily Skin

  1. Only my T-Zone area is oily and other areas of my skin are dry. Should use a different type of skin care depending the condition of each different area of my skin?

    We recommend adjusting the amount of product used based on the condition of the skin in that particular area. The properties of our Clay Wash also balance the skin. By continuing cleanse your skin with our Clay Wash, you'll achieve skin is well-balanced with the perfect combination of sebum and moisture.

Clogged Pores

  1. I've heard that the adhesive blackhead remover strips are not good for the skin; is there a better way?

    There seems to be a lot of people who remove these types of strips too painfully because they think it's necessary in order to remove more built up dirt on the skin such as keratin or sebum. However, by removing the strips so forcibly, the pores are left open. As a result bacteria and dirt easily enter pores and can cause inflammation. Alternatively, we suggest our Pore Care line up, which was assembled with b.glen products that properly care for pores without causing excessive harm to the skin.

  2. Although I wash my face properly, I still have keratin plugs. What's the most effective way to take care of keratin plugs?

    After washing the wash well ensuring that there is no dirt remaining on the skin, prepare the skin for turnover by using a strong moisturizer. This will prevent the build up of old keratin in the skin. Using a hot towel while cleansing is also effective.

Clay Wash

  1. I heard that I might get acne after using Clay Wash. Is this true?

    Due to the nature of natural clay contained in our Clay Wash, dirt from deep in the back of pores and oxidized sebum are discharged to the surface of the skin. As a result, there might be times when you may temporarily have acne. However, with continued application of our Clay Wash, the acne will calm, so please watch the state of the skin for sometime before deciding to discontinue usage. However, if the condition persists, we recommend that you stop using it and consult a doctor.

  2. Sometimes the product manufacturer will recommended using a foam wash. So, which is more gentle for the skin: foam wash or Clay Wash?

    Foamed facial cleansers contain many surfactants, which not only remove bacteria and dirt, but also remove the oil that is essential in the skin. Its removal disturbs the skin's natural turnover process and causes the skin to become dry and sensitive. By contrast, our Clay Wash does not use foaming ingredients. As a result, it leaves the essential moisture in the skin and therefore can be used on delicate skin.

QuSome Lotion

  1. I use all-in-one cosmetics. When should I apply QuSome Lotion?

    Apply QuSome Lotion on the skin after cleansing, then apply your regular all-in-one cosmetics. QuSome Lotion should be applied right after cleansing even when using all-in-one makeup and/or cosmetics.

  2. How long can I use will a single bottle?

    A single bottle can be used for between 1.5 to 2 months when applied mornings and evenings.

  3. Can it be used on sensitive skin?

    QuSome Lotion is a superior multitasking lotion that quickly disperses moisture within the skin while it calms and balances. As a result, it prevents skin irritation and restores skin to where it can easily fight against future troubles accruing. Because various reactions many occur on the skin due to many factors such as skin condition, physical condition, seasons, stress, we recommend conducting a patch test on an area of the skin, such as the inner arm, before using new cosmetics and skincare products.

  4. I am concerned about both spots and wrinkles. Should I treat them with QuSome Lotion?

    In order to carefully deal with various troubles, it's essential to balance and prepare the environment of the stratum corneum(skin's outermost layer), which is the conception of QuSome Lotion. Even if dark spots begin to show as a first sign of aging, wrinkles and other issues are also created at the same time in the depths of your skin. QuSome Lotion is an advanced multi-functional lotion, which comprehensively works to prevent various skin conditions from occurring that are not visible now (dark spots, wrinkles, dryness, pores etc.).

  5. Can I apply it with cotton?

    We recommend not using cotton balls etc., to apply it and instead suggest applying with the palms of the hands first before applying to skin as a better option. Cotton could hurt the skin depending on the quality of cotton. Additionally, by using the palm to the apply it, the Lotion warms due to your body's natural temperature, which makes it more familiar to the skin and allows for better absorption.

QuSome Lift

  1. Can I use it on my eye area?

    It can also be used around the eye area. However, please be careful not to come in direct contact with the mucous membrane area of eye. Please apply use with caution especially in these delicate areas.

  2. Can it be used on the neck area or jaw line?

    Of course, it can be used in those areas. Since the QuSome Lift is applied with massage that encourages the drainage of waste from the neck to the collarbone, it is therefore very effective also for treating the neck area and jaw line.

  3. Will this cause me to have a slimmer looking face?

    As we age both the amount of collagen and elastin decrease in the body. As a result, the skin's tone weakens from the inside, which causes the skin to appear less tight and saggy. Applying QuSome Lift with massage will cause the skin to lift up from the inside as expected and result in a slimmer looking face.

  4. Please tell me the merits for applying it in the morning.

    QuSome Lift works quickly to smooth out the jaw line before going out and keeps the skin firm all day, so we recommend use especially in the morning. For a more aggressive approach, please apply twice a day, morning and evening.

  5. Is it effective on sagging pores as well?

    Sagging pores are caused by such things as the decrease in collagen, which causes a collapse of the jaw line. The massage effect of QuSome Lift gives elasticity to the skin and therefore is also effective on tightening sagging pores.

  6. Can I use on my body?

    You can use on your body.

  7. Is it safe to use while pregnant?

    Yes, it can be used while pregnant. Generally, it has been said sensitivity might change while pregnant and/or lactating due to hormonal changes. If are concerned about using new skincare product, we recommend consulting with a doctor in advance.

  8. Can men use it?

    Of course men can also use it.

  9. If using a face mask, when should I apply it?

    Please apply face mask after having applied QuSome Lift.

C serum

  1. Are there any caveats for using C serum during the daytime?

    Please be sure to use with a sunscreen when you are using during the day. In addition, we recommend using a small amount on the area thought to be dry.

  2. I feel warm sensation when C serum is applied. Does it mean its not suited for my skin?

    Although you may feel a warm sensation when applied to skin, it's the characteristic of C serum and should be no problem or damage if there is no redness or itching etc. Also, depending on the season, temperature, physical condition, you may not feel a warm sensation when applied so please feel assured that there will be no change in the effect.

  3. Which is more effective on dark spots, QuSome White Essence or C serum?

    C serum is a beauty serum that encourages skin turnover with a peeling action. QuSome White Essence is a protective essence that blocks UV damage. Please choose according to your desired care.

QuSome Retino A

  1. Is it safe to use during the day?

    Yes, you can use it during the day. After that, please be sure to use with sunscreen.

  2. Can I use it on the spot directly?

    It's also possible to use only on the spot where wrinkles appear.

  3. Can it be used for wrinkles on the neck and hands?

    Yes. It can be used. Also, since ultraviolet light accelerates the aging of the skin, please do not forget applying sunscreen during the day.

  4. Can it also prevent wrinkles?

    Yes. When used continuously, it will maintain firmness and tone in the skin.

  5. Can it be used for wrinkles on the lips?

    Please do not use on lips because the lips have a mucous membrane that functions as a barrier.

  6. What effect can QuSome Retino A have on skin concerns in addition to clearing wrinkles?

    You can expect an improved skin turnover and water retention.

  7. How is it different from QuSome Moisture Rich Cream?

    Since two kinds of Vitamin A are incorporated into QuSome Retino A, it exerts the effect quickly and precisely. Please consider our QuSome Moisture Rich Cream as an aging fighting skin care cream that creates an overall sound foundation for the skin.

  8. If I continue for a long time will it be a burden for the skin?

    Although it is a cream that is prescribed not to be a burden on the skin, please use while closely observing the skin's condition.

  9. Is it safe to use while pregnant?

    Yes, it can be used while pregnant. Generally, it has been said sensitivity might change while pregnant and/or lactating due hormonal changes. If you are concerned about using new skincare product, we recommend consulting with a doctor in advance.

  10. Is it possible to combine with prescription or commercially available retinol?

    Consult your doctor regarding combining use as it depends on the concentration of retinol and your skin's condition.

  11. When should I apply it when using it with an all-in-one gel?

    Since all-in-one gels can also serve as a facial cleanser, we recommend using QuSome Retino A after using all-in-one gel.

  12. Is it okay to use it after using a skin peeling cream or mask?

    When using cosmetics or skincare products that offer peeling action, the skin will become sensitive during use. Therefore, we suggest trying in a small amount while watching the condition carefully, after consulting with a doctor or skincare specialist.

  13. Is it safe to use on sensitive skin?

    Depending on the quality of the skin, some people may feel irritation when first starting to use. If irritation occurs, we suggest using less frequently and in fewer amounts. And if irritation does not stop, we recommend halting use and consulting a doctor.

QuSome White Essence

  1. Which is more effective on dark spots, QuSome White Essence or C serum?

    C serum is a beauty serum that encourages skin turnover with a peeling action. QuSome White Essence is a protective essence that blocks UV damage. Please choose according your desired care.

  2. Are sunscreen ingredients included?

    No, sunscreen ingredients are not included in this product.

Total Repair Eye Serum

  1. When should I apply it when using with other products?

    Please use either the morning or evening after applying your usual skincare lotion.

  2. Can I use Total Repair Eye Serum on other areas of the face in addition to my eye area?

    Although Total Repair Eye Serum is a beauty essence for the eye area, you can also use it on other areas of the face as well.

QuSome Moisture Gel Cream

  1. Can I use it when I have acne?

    When the stratum corneum (horny outer layers of skin) becomes thick and hard from drying, it closes the pores and causes acne. Especially for adults with dry adult acne, it's important to increase moisture within the skin. Our Gel provides plenty of moisture to the back of the stratum corneum without straining the skin and it maintains it there.

QuSome Moisture Rich Cream

  1. Can I use it in the morning?

    Yes. Our QuSome Moisture Rich Cream is a highly functioning moisturizing cream that can be used both morning and night.

  2. When I started using QuSome Moisture Rich Cream, I began to get acne pimples. Is it safe to continue to use?

    There is no need to worry. The oil contained in our QuSome Moisture Rich Cream is formulated to make it difficult for acne to occur after its use and application. However, if you are still concerned after use, we recommend avoiding application on the acne prone areas.

Nudy Veil

  1. Is it okay to use it after using another sunscreen?

    This should not be a problem. However, please keep in mind that by applying it more than once will not increase the sunscreen protection index, but does add more protective film on the skin, which will increase the UV blocking effect.

Trial Sets

  1. I didn't notice any results while using the Trial Set. Can I buy the same Trial Set again?

    Our Trial Sets are sold at a special price selected so that as many customers as possible can use them. Therefore, each customer can purchase a Trial Set one at time per type. However, since each Trial Set can be purchased once per customer, please also consider trying a Trial Sets for skin troubles that have not occurred yet.

  2. Can I experience results by only using a Trial Set?

    Our Trial Sets are primarily aimed to give customers the opportunity to try and see whether it fits their skin or not before purchasing our regular full sized product. Although it may be difficult to notice any visible results only while using the Trial Sets, many customers who have purchased a Trial Sets have continued on the regular full sized products for more effective results.

  3. How many days can I use a Trial Sets?

    Depending on the amount used, the Set should last about 7 days if applied morning and night.

  4. I want to buy a Trial Set, but I can not find the page on the website.

    Under the Products menu tab in the navigation bar, you will find at the end a link to our lineup of Trial Sets.

  5. Can men also use it?

    Yes, men can also use our Trial Sets. There are many male customers of b.glen's products. We welcome both men and women by all means to please try our products according to whatever skin concerns they may have.

  6. I bought two kinds of Trial Sets. Is it safe to use both all at the same time?

    Yes, it's possible to try multiple Trial Sets at once. However, we recommend that you use each Trial Set separately for seven days at a time in order to clearly see results from usage and carefully observe the state of the skin.

  7. I would like buy the small sized products included in the Set individually.

    Trial sized products are not sold separately.

  8. I would like to purchase multiple Trial Sets.

    Each customer can purchase a Trial Sets one at a time per type. If there's a type of Trial Sets that you haven't tried yet, please purchase one to give it a try.

  9. How much should I use after opening a Trial Set?

    We strongly recommend that products are used completely within three months after opening.

  10. Should I try a patch test before using?

    The state of the skin varies and it might be influenced by the season and physical condition, too. Therefore, we recommend first trying a patch test.

  11. Although the price is the same for Trial Sets with 4 - 5 items, is there a difference in content?

    Although the quantity of trial sized products in each Trial Sets may vary, the same product has the same content. The number of products included in the Set and the type of products are different. The amounts of products varying from 4 and 5 per Set are based on the necessary products required to achieve the best results.

  12. I'd like my whole family to try a Trial Set. Can I send it to as many people as possible?

    We only accept orders of two different sets types from the same address for Trial Sets. One person can order a different type of Set. However each family member must register and must order separately.

Orders & Payments

  1. I placed my order on the website, but how do I know if it’s completed correctly?

    When an order has been completed properly and a verification email is automatically sent to the registered email address. If you do not receive an order Confirmation email, Please contact by email Customer Service info@bglen.sg..

  2. Do you have sales?

    We regularly have sales several times a year. Prior to sales, we will notify registered members by email.

  3. When are campaigns available?

    Information about campaigns is sent by email only to customers who have registered for membership.

  4. What credit cards do you accept?

    Most cards including VISA, Mastercard are accepted. *We also accept payments with PayPal.

  5. Can I specify the number of payments from my credit card?

    We only accept one time payment from credit cards.

  6. How much will the shipping cost?

    Free shipping within Singapore!


  1. Do you ship outside of Singapore?

    We currently ship to Malaysia for S$15 shipping fee.

  2. Which shipping company dose b.glen use?

    Within Singapore, Ninja Van, Aramex, Singpost. Shipping to Malaysia is Aramex

  3. Can Malaysia orders get free shipping?

    Yes! Spend more than $160 to receive free shipping to Malaysia.

  4. Who pays for duties for Malaysia orders

    We ask the customer to pay for any duties as duties only occur at $160 value. That is why we offer free shipping at $160 orders to Malaysia.

    Coupons and b.Points

    1. I would like to use coupons / b.Points. How to apply it to my purchase?

      When purchasing items, boxes for entering the coupon code / b.Point amount will appear on the Check Out page after placing items into the shopping cart. However, if you are having trouble, please state in the memo field displayed when checking out Request to use coupons / b.Points.

    2. Is it possible to transfer coupons / b.Points to my family or friends?

      Coupons / b.Points can only be used only by the original customer who received the coupons / b.Points.

    3. I forgot the coupon code that I received. What should I do?

      To retrieve your coupon code, log in to your MyPage and you'll be able to check the coupons you've received. Alternatively, please send a request by contacting customer support via email at info@bglen.sg.

    4. Do b.Points have an expiration date?

      The expiration date is 570 days (approximately one and a half years) from the effective date. If you shop before the deadline, the expiration date for all Points earned will be extended for 570 days from that of purchase.

    Returns and Exchanges

    1. If within 365 days after purchase, is it possible to return even if products has been opened and used?

      For Trial Sets, as long as the bottles/tubes and packaging materials are returned assembled, returns are possible. For other products other than the Trial Sets (Full Size Products), returns are possible with the return of just the bottle/tube.

    2. How can I return a product or cancel a subscription?

      For any further information regarding returns or a cancellation of subscription, please consult our Terms and Conditions or contact our Customer Service: info@bglen.sg.

    3. Will shipping fees apply?

      Return shipping costs are the sole responsibility of the customer unless the item was defective or shipped in error.

    4. When and how will I receive my refund?

      The total value of the product(s) purchased will be refunded by cheque upon confirming receipt of the returned goods.

    5. Is it possible to cancel an order before receiving the product(s)?

      It may be possible to cancel if the product(s) has not been delivered at the time of cancelation. However, we typically do not handle canceling of orders.