b.glen has drawn inspiration from the ancient Japanese ritual of layering, or SAHŌ, to develop its range of skincare.

For Japanese women, looking after their skin is an art form that involves at least ten steps to achieve a radiant complexion and eliminate imperfections.

Layering / 作法 SAHŌ Layering / 作法 SAHŌ

Beauty Rituals

The essential steps of layering form a skincare protocol, starting with cleansing using an makeup remover, followed by a facial wash. The next step is to rinse well with clean water, then apply a toning lotion to sweep away any chalky residue and tighten the pores on the face.

美 / b for beauty

The ritual continues with the application of a serum for the face and eye area, which prepares the skin to receive the key active ingredients. The beauty routine concludes with the application of a moisturizer and/or anti-aging cream, depending on the need, and finally, UV protection.

Beauty rituals

SAHŌ is not just about skincare. It allows women to take time for themselves and nurture their skin as they follow a beauty ritual that leaves their complexion radiant and free of imperfections.

5-Step Protocol

To simplify the process and adapt it to the demands of modern life, b.glen has developed a five-step protocol:

  • Layering Step 1
  • Layering Step 2
  • Layering Step 3
  • Layering Step 4
  • Layering Step 5
Suppin / No makeup

The art of SAHŌ is a means of attaining the Japanese ideal of “Suppin” thanks to the layering ritual: such perfect skin that no foundation or concealer is required, for the “No Makeup” look.