QuSome Eye Serum

【 Recommended Usage: a small amount 】

Place a small amount of the QuSome Eye Serum on to fingertip.

Use Serum on eye areas after applying lotion or essence. Place Serum on 5 points around the eye areas (1 on eye corner, 2 under eyes, 2 on eyelid).

Starting from the inner corner of the eye, gently glide upward to the upper eyelid, stop at the temple and hold for 3 seconds. Likewise, for the lower eye area, starting from inner eye, delicately spread Serum under the eyes downward to the temple and hold for 3 seconds.

After applying serum by making small circles at the outside corners of the eyes, move your finger under the eye toward the bridge of the nose. Hold fingers at the inside corners of eyes for 3 seconds, then pass over the eyelids to return back to the outside corners of eyes.

Then, starting from the under eye area, smooth Serum around the eye area upward along the upper eye socket bone, as if drawing an arch. Repeat this step twice.
*After completing one eye, repeat steps 1 to 5 on the other eye.

Finally, while using the ball of the finger, gently smooth QuSome Eye Serum around the entire eye area, starting from the inner eye area outward to the corner of the eye toward the temple.

※ For steps 1 to 5 please use fingertips to gently apply around the eye area.
※ Avoid pressing too hard and use fingertips to glide around the bone of the eye socket.
※ For best results, use morning and evening.
※ If you have dry and/or sensitive skin, please test a small amount on your skin first.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the QuSome Eye Serum warm?

The serum itself does not make the sense feel warm. The temperature around the eyes rises due to the massage effect which eliminating stagnation.

When should I apply it when using with products?

Please use either morning and evening after applying your usual skincare lotion.

Can QuSome Eye Serum be used for anything other than eyes?

Although QuSome Eye Serum is a beauty essence designed specifically for the eye area, you can also use it on other areas of the face as well.

The color is slightly pink, is it the color of the ingredients?

The slightly pink color is from the volcanic soil Materra powder and it is not an indication of a quality problem.

Please tell us more about the ingredient 'Materra Powder' (volcanic soil).

Matera powder is the mineral rich fine particles of the only volcanic soil that emits infrared. Helps to strength delicate eye area resulting in translucent and youthful looking eyes void of sunken eye appearance.

Is QuSome Eye Serum suitable for any skin type?

Yes, it's suitable for all skin types. It's especially recommended for those who are concerned with sagging eyes, wrinkles, and dark circles.

Can it be used on sensitive skin?

Yes. However, since skin types varies greatly, it's recommended that those with sensitive skin or allergies perform a patch test on the inside of their arms once before using on the face.

Can men also use it?

Of course men can also use it.

Can I use it during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

Yes, it can be used. Generally, it has been said sensitivity might change while pregnant and/or lactating due to hormonal changes. If you have any concerns when using new skincare product, we recommend consulting with a doctor in advance.

How long is the quality guarantee for?

It’s three years from manufacture date in the unopened state.

When will it expire after opening?

After opening, we recommend to use up the product in about three months in order to maintain optimum quality.