b.glen's Commitment: Technology b.glen's Commitment: Technology

QuSome®, the new skincare technology that penetrates deep into skin, delivering active ingredients with high precision for powerful results.

No matter how powerful, if an active ingredient doesn’t reach the desired site of action, it won’t be effective.
Now there's a solution: QuSomes®, a revolutionary skin-penetrating technology that controls the delivery and depth of penetration of active ingredients into the skin.

Most skincare products only sit on the skin’s surface, where they are largely ineffective.
b.glen makes products that achieve real results by ensuring its active ingredients penetrate skin to the target site of action using our exclusive proprietary technology, QuSome®.

Women's skin varies, and so do their skin needs.
Everyone’s quest for beauty differs, and each woman is looking for a solution to her particular problem.
There’s a universal truth in skincare: products are not effective if the active ingredients don’t penetrate into the skin.

QuSome® liquid solution
Non-QuSome® liquid solution

Skin absorption demonstration using 3D-cultured skin* showing lotion with fluorochrome-encapsulated QuSomes® compared with a non-QuSome fluorochrome lotion six hours after application.
*Cultured skin is an artificial skin-like product made in the lab to mimic real skin in non-animal testing facilities.

Transdermal Absorption Comparative Test:
Cross sectional photograph of cultured skin 6 hours after Fluorochrome lotion was applied.
Test number: NDR-CO-14111201KD
Test conducted by Nicoderm Research, KK.

If an active ingredient doesn't penetrate the skin, it won’t work.
If an active ingredient is delivered precisely, it will be effective.

Effective ingredients and controlling the penetration go hand-in-hand. To achieve genuine product effectiveness, active ingredients must be precisely delivered to the depth at the source of skin's problems and, once there, sufficiently maintained.
The secret to accomplishing true effectiveness lies within b.glen products, with our innovative QuSome® technology.
For women everywhere who have tried many skincare products and wonder why they aren’t working, b.glen is THE brand that focuses on penetration depth to address skin problems and issues.

Dr. Brian Keller

Dr. Brian C. Keller Dr. Keller received a PharmD from the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), before engaging in clinical research and teaching for several years at the university. He went on to Now Chief Science Officer at Beverly Glen Laboratories, leading its research and development, Dr. Keller continues to conduct research all over the world as the trailblazer of the transdermal delivery system.