b.glen's Commitment: We are b.glen b.glen's Commitment: We are b.glen

“Happy skin, happy life.”
Transform and adore your skin.

When you think about a woman’s skin,
you must also think about her happiness.

Thanks to unprecedented innovation, our skincare collection effectively targets every possible skin concern for visibly satisfying results.
As technologies used in dermatology and cosmetic skincare evolve, we have a greater choice of skincare solutions at our fingertips.
b.glen formulations deliver the necessary ingredients to targeted locations below the skin’s surface using advanced penetration technology.
Our Salon treatments are designed to intensify the results of our products and provide a blissful moment of escape.
We believe radiance starts on the inside, and will continue to innovate to bring this inner radiance to the surface — your skin.

Healthy beauty for today and tomorrow

b.glen Pink Ribbon

In Japan and around the world, breast cancer among women in their late twenties and thirties is on the rise, while the risk is even higher for those in their forties and fifties. At any moment, an unexpected tragedy could change someone’s future, and our goal is to continue to raise awareness. For this reason, we proudly support the Pink Ribbon Campaign.