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QuSome® penetration,an exclusive technology invented for medical purposes.
Encapsulates beauty ingredients at a microscopic level to accurately deliver necessary ingredients to troubled areas.

The capsules are made sturdy, even unstable ingredients are easily delivered, resulting in less irritation for even the most sensitive areas.

Encapsulates beauty ingredients at a microscopic level - White Trial - b.glen
Amazing Penetration Technology Delivers Active Ingredients Deep Into the Skin - White Trial - b.glen

By encapsulating active ingredients at a microscopic level, ingredients that normally have trouble passing through the skin barrier can easily be delivered.
QuSome® capsules penetrates* to the root of the problem, actively releasing the ingredient over a long period of time inside the skin.

* To the stratum corneum

QuSome capsules penetrates to the root of the problem - White Trial - b.glen
Formulated with Billions of QuSome Capsules Eachand Every One Packed with Ingredients - White Trial - b.glen

There are billions of microscopic QuSome® capsules formulated inside every bottle.
With tons of active beauty ingredients encapsulated, billions will penetrate* through the skin and accumulate in the troubled area to resolve your skin problems.

* To the stratum corneum

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Customer Support with Specialists Sanding by Yo Every Step of the Way to Solve Your Problems - White Trial - b.glen

b.glen has highly knowledgeable skin care consultants to guide you through your skin care journey.

We evaluate every customer's skin condition, think of the best solution by combining products to best suit the customer.
"I'm glad I talked to them." "I'm free from my problem!" These responses is what we live for.

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Commited to Only Using the Highest Quality of Materials - White Trial - b.glen

b.glen only formulates with ingredients that are necessary to the skin and only bring you products that are necessary. That's the b.glen brand.

To ensure safety and high standards with every use, we only select materials with high value and the best quality.
Made only in Japanese factories with strict inspection programs placed for every production of b.glen products.

b.glen high standards production - White Trial

* We are not stating everyone will not have an allergic reaction

Hi, I'm Brian Keller,

"It's difficult to penetrate* through the skin with conventional skin care cosmetics."

This was a major problem with all skin care cosmetics.

The reason why, regardless of the ingredient, if it doesn’t penetrate*, it will not work.

QuSome® Technology is a penetration technology invented for medical purposes that allow ingredients to be delivered accurately to the source of the problems.

b.glen skincare products are developed with this technology, QuSome®.

For customers who have tried b.glen before, people will ask about your changes "Did you change something?

You look different!" When that time dose come, smile from within and congratulate yourself for making the right choice.

* To the stratum corneum

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