Moisture & Protection Mist

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Moisture & Protection Mist sets makeup and provides staying power for a perfect complexion all day long even when you have your mask on. 

It will help to strengthen skin barrier function & prevents rough skin as it moisturizes the skin and helping to protect it from environmental aggressors.

Reduces adhesion to the mask and prevents makeup collapse

• Abrasion resistance (film durability)

• Long lasting make-up 

• Sebum-resistant and water-repellent

Precursor provitamin B5 of vitamin B5

Highly moisturizing, reduces skin irritation, reduces itching, normalize skin turnover and keep skin healthy.

 After applying makeup or after a midday touch up, hold 6inches from face and mist evenly all over about 5 times to lock-in makeup.

Product Code: RP03

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