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QuSome Eye Serum (3g)

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Sneak peek of b.glen's NEW QuSome Eye Serum 

b.glen created a serum packed with key beauty ingredients such as Materra Powder, Panthenol, Argilline, Munapsys and Nicotiamide formulated with our skin penetrating  tech QuSome. 

The skin by the eye area is very sensitive and is 1/3 thinner than the cheek area. The eye area can easily have fine wrinkles, sagging, dryness and unwanted bags. QuSome Eye Serum can help solve those issues. 

Our eyes can be expressive and give strong impressions to who you are talking to. It's an important feature for anybody, why not take care of it by using science based skincare by b.glen.  


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QuSome Eye Serum (12g/0.42oz.)

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